Urzila Carlson Loser

by Urzila Carlson


Sydney Opera House, 1 Macquarie St,Circular Quay, Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia-2000 View Map


  • Loser is almost always negative—I’ve lost my keys, a relative, my mind, money, dignity…it’s only positive when you lose some weight. Why? If you meet someone awesome, would you not want to be more of that person? Why can your friends not see your fatness but your family and doctor can see nothing but your fatness? Why is losing so hard? The truth is, we're all losers in some form and at some point, we’ll hit our rock bottom. Are you prepared? Get ready losers, join the award-winning comedian Urzila Carlson as she tackles our failures. What’s the worst that can happen? 

"Belly laughs and guffaws aplenty." - The Music

"Effortlessly likeable.. stream of belly-laughs." - The Age

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