Enjoy this May by Catching the Fireflies at Bhandardara

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You will see many Christmas trees at night at mid of May month in bhandardara.  Do you really think so? The light that makes you wonder is the Firefly (Kajwa) that is sitting on those leaves. After seeing this pleasant shock, curiosity is created in your mind to know about what is Kajwa?  How do they shine?


Every year during the last week of May, and in the first week of June, the bright world of fireflies descends on earth.  So the Fireflies Festival is organized for children and all nature lovers to experience the night of light.  Bhandardara is the home of thousands of Fireflies that light up in summer night in the pursuit of a mate for mating.  And the Kajwa Mahotsav (Fireflies Festival) is an annual event arranged by Deccan Travel Corporation Company.  This festival includes details guide tour so we will give you in-depth knowledge about Kajwa/Fireflies.

Moon and stars have always been there to follow your path and guide you.

Festival and Kajwa Mahotsav Tour Highlights:

·         As the Major Attraction is Fireflies. Experience the Magic of glowing fireflies at Bhandardara.

·         Excellent service by DTC with Affordable price.

·          Catch fireflies to predict monsoon

·         Stay in tents pitched on the edge of a shimmering lake.

Why to Visit?

Fireflies Festival ( Kajwa Mahotsav ) festival where these fireflies enlighten an entire village with their glow which is hard to believe with your open eyes. Kajwa Mahotsav is such a program that gives you an unforgettable moment because you have the opportunity to experience more than 2000 species of fireflies together.  One more thing to notice here is Do you remember your childhood? When you would get thrilled by the sight of fireflies? Here is an opportunity to revise those memories again. And if you have not seen this wonderful look in your childhood then make new memories now by joining “Kajwa Mahotsav 2019”.

When: 17th May 2019 to 8th June 2019 
Where:  Bhandardara, Ahmednagar District
Website:  http://kajwamahotsav.in/

So are you ready for this magical experience?

Take a weekend off from the Internet and grab a chance to live a fairytale in this May. Kajwa Mahotsav at Bhandardara is officially giving us the opportunity to witness the Fireflies Festival in upcoming May.

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