How to apply for PMP Certification Training

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Is it worth getting a PMP?

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is one of the highly reputed professional certifications recognized by industry globally.  It is provided by PMI I.e. Project Management Institute. It is an essential certification for project managers and help professionals to achieve better work opportunities in their career.

How PMP is helpful for you?

Following points will give you a brief knowledge on the importance of PMP certification.

· High earning

If you have a PMP certification training then it automatically increases your earning scope and you don’t have to worry about job security.

· It opens gates to new career opportunities

You’ll get bigger projects and that means that you’ll earn more quality experience and eventually high reorganization from large companies.

· Job Security

Even in the time of recession, your job is not going anywhere. Since you’ll have PMP certification, you will always be considered as an important asset for company’s development.

· Global Recognition

PMP certification allows you to pursue leading project from any part of the world.

Quick Promotion

If you apply for the PMP certification and achieve it while working in your current company then the chances of your promotion increases with the greater number of percentage.

How to apply for PMP certification training?

To get PMP certification training, first, you’ll need to pass an exam. The exams includes following five areas on the basis of project life cycle.

• Initiating

• Planning

• Executing

• Monitoring & Controlling

• Closing

If you want to apply for PMP certification, follow the steps given below to take the exam

· Go to the Project Management Institute’s website.

· Register yourself for the membership by providing the required details.

· Submit the online application and make payments for the application fee.

· If your application goes through then prepare yourself for the exam.

· Finally, take the examination.

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