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Often we forget our account password and so we face trouble signing in. But if you have linked your account with your mobile number then you can easily recover your Gmail account and reset a new password. If you don’t know the steps for Google account recovery through a phone number then you can do it this way.

  • Open Google ‘Sign-in’ page.

  • Type your email address.

  • Now select the option of ‘Forgot Password’ given below.

  • Gmail will ask for a last password of your account.

  • Enter a last password you remember. If you don’t know any password, click on ‘Try another way’ option.

  • Now Gmail will send a notification on your phone to sign in.

  • Click ‘Try another way’.

  • Now Gmail will ask if it can send a code to your phone. You can choose to receive this code through ‘Text’ or ‘Call’.  

  • It might take a few seconds to get the code.

  • Once you receive the code, enter it in the space given.

  • Now a page for password recovery will open.

  • You can set a new password and then confirm it.

  • Make sure the password is of 8 characters and is strong.

  • Save the changes.

  • You can now access your account by logging in with the new password.

It is always advisable to link your phone number to your Google account so that in case you face any login issue in future you can easily recover your account or get google account recovery . Users can also contact customer care executives if they have any questions or face any problem while recovering account.


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