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For all the travelling geeks, Spirit Airlines is not a new name. Spirit Airlines is a national airline service provider in USA .As of now it operates in more than 300 destinations.. It’s considered to be one of the biggest flight carrier in World. Whenever we book flight tickets, at times we have to cancel it because of some unspecified reasons like cancelled plans or any emergency etc.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy is similar to cancellation procedures in all other airlines as well. Also to keep in mind that the amount of refund depends on the time you are cancelling your tickets from your flight date. Suppose you have made any mistake while booking your tickets, you can still rectify your mistakes by cancelling your tickets and getting the full refund. For all types of flights there are few quick steps same for all the airlines. You have to do nothing except visit the airline’s official website and cancel your ticket. The refund depending on the time of your cancellation will be processed and reimbursed between 1-12 hours of the cancellation.

The cancellation policies for “Spirit Airlines” is very simple alike other airline companies! In case you have to cancel any ticket always remember to follow these fare rules issued by “Spirit Airlines”.

1.       The amount of refund you will be getting depends on the time from you are cancelling your ticket.

2.       Minimum 40% will be deducted from your total fare and the balance amount will be transferred to your account.

3.       Also remember that the refund will only be transferred if you are cancelling your unused air ticket that is before departure.

4.       Also the ticket service cost and fuel charge are exclusive of the total refund irrespective of the time you cancel your tickets.

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