Registration & Login Related FAQs

  • How do I register with www.getmyticket.online?

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ link available on the homepage of www.getmyticket.online. Enter your first name, last name, email id, city, and password. Click on ‘Register’ and you get registered with us.

  • Is it necessary to register for booking tickets?

Yes, it is compulsory to register with us for booking your tickets.

  • What are the benefits of registering on your site?

By registering on the site, you get access to all our services.

  • I have forgotten my password, what to do next?

Go to the ‘Sign in’ page from the homepage of www.getmyticket.online. Click on ‘Forgot password?’. A link will be forwarded to your email id. Click on the link and reset your password.

General FAQs for Attendees

  • What events are published/created on GetMyTicket.online Event?

GetMyTicket.online Event lists information regarding live concerts, plays, trade fairs, exhibitions, parties, conferences, charitable events, workshops and the entire spectrum of events. Just visit it regularly to know about the different events going to be held around you.

  • How do I find out what event is coming up?

You can view full list of events in the ‘upcoming’ section on the homepage of GetMyTicket.online.

  • How can I contact you?

Please visit our Contact Us page to get all your queries solved.

  • Where do I find information about the event organizer?

Every event that is listed on GetMyTicket.online Event consists of the name of the organizer. You can click on the name of the organizer and you will get all the information related to him/her.

  • What happens if an event is cancelled?

In case of cancellation of any event, GetMyTicket.online will not be liable for refunds or other claims. The organizer will inform about the event cancellation and refund policy regarding it.

  • Can I book more than one ticket for a particular event?

Yes, you can book several tickets within one transaction for particular event, with limitation to the seats available and the conditions set by the organizer.

  • What do I do if an event is shown as full?

When an event is marked as ‘full’, you can contact the co-ordinator of the event and request them to put your name in the waiting list. They will then contact you if a place becomes available.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

This is decided by the event organiser. GetMyTicket.online does not make such decisions. Please refer to the details of an event before booking your tickets for any event.

  • What if I don’t have a printer?

Not to worry! Now-a-days almost all the organizers accept your entry by showing tickets on mobile or tablet.

  • How long will it take before I receive my ticket?

The ticket will arrive in your email inbox within few minutes of your booking. If you don’t receive it in your inbox, kindly check your spam/junk folders. Ensure that you are logged into correct email account.

General FAQs for Organizers

  • What can GetMyTicket.online Event do for an Event?

GetMyTicket.online Event allows an organizer to include all the information related to the event in an easy listing manner. Organizers can choose from different promotional plans to enhance the visibility of their events.

  • Do I need to have an account with the bank in which GetMyTicket.online Event’s bank account is?

No, it is not required so. Depending on the mode of payment that you selected, the processing will be done accordingly.

  • What events can I create using GetMyTicket.online Event?

GetMyTicket.online Event is suitable for all type of events. You can create festive events, birthday parties, exhibitions, conferences, fund raising events, sports events, workshops, seminars and a wide spectrum of events.

  • How do I get people to book my event?

The registered and unregistered users or visitors of GetMyTicket.online Event will get to know about your event whenever they visit our website. You can even choose an appropriate plan to increase the visibility of your event on our website.

  • What about free events?

In case of free events, Attendees don’t have to pay any charges. They simply register their names for free on the event created by you.

  • What do I need to do when my event is completed?

After successful completion of your event, you will need to log in into your account and mark the event as ‘completed’.

  • Can I use www.getmyticket.online to run Private events?

Absolutely! You can make your event private by choosing appropriate options provided in the Settings.