Youre Not Here To Fit In Youre Here To STAND OUT!

by Demartini Institute


A$ 35.00

Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne, 328 Flinders Street, 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Melbourne, VICTORIA, Australia-3000View Map


If you would like to learn to free yourself from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘ought to’s’ and ‘supposed to’s’ and 'have to’s' that surround your daily life, then join Dr Demartini on 06 August  2019 in Melbourne, for his inspiring, informative and practical presentation, You’re Not Here To Fit In. You’re Here To Stand Out!
During this powerful two-hour presentation, Dr Demartini will show you how to:
•  Liberate yourself from outer influences and frustrations of life;
•  Let go of internal anger, blame, betrayal, criticism, challenge, despair and depression;
•  Prioritize your life and delegate lower priority things; and
•  Let the voice and vision on the inside guide you so you can activate your genius and do something extraordinary with your life.
At the end of the day, you’re not self-sabotaging or undisciplined or unfocused – you’re simply trying to live other people’s values instead of honoring your own.
Don’t miss this powerful event so you can learn to master your life and discover the fulfilment of waking up each morning inspired and driven to expand your wonderful life.

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