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Ron Hurley Theatre, 28 Tallowwood Street, 28 Tallowwood Street, Seven Hills, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND, Australia-4170View Map


"Some don't come back. And they're lost to us."

X-STACY is a powerful play about the struggles of adolescence, the challenges of life and the need for love and family. Written by Queensland playwright, Margery Forde, the play returns to the Brisbane stage this October, over 20 years since it was first performed at La Boite Theatre.

Set in the 90s, but with timeless themes and life lessons, X-Stacy is an important experience for young people, as well as their parents and families alike. Past audiences continue to comment on the relevance and necessity of this theatrical experience in today’s world.

When his younger sister, Stacy, wants to check out the rave scene, Ben knows he’ll have to watch out for her. And tonight, she’s going to drop her first ecstasy pill. Later, as Ben struggles to forgive himself, his mother retreats into the Church. But the time will come when both must face the truth about what really happened that night.

Starring Connor Hawkins, Elodie Boal, Alison Telfer-McDonald, Ruby Sanders, Arun Clarke, Ebony Hamacek and Trent Sellars.

Tickets and show information can be found at www.x-stacy.com and http://tix.yt/xstacy.

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